Ajutaţi un tânăr medic să salveze vieţi!

Licitatie website de prezentare

[RO] Licitatie caritabila pentru Catalin Sandu

EXTEON ofera spre licitatie 2 pachete website de prezentare custom, continand:

  • Design grafic la comanda
  • Implementare Web3 CMS:
    • continut administrabil de client
    • numar nelimitat de pagini text pe numar nelimitat de niveluri
    • galerie foto
    • formular de contact/comanda
    • blog integrat
  • Hosting 1 an gratuit
  • Cupon Google AdWords 250 RON pentru promovare

Preturile licitate vor fi virate integral in conturile deschise pentru dr. Catalin Sandu.
Pret de incepere licitatie recomandat: 300 EURO
Licitati prin comentarii la acest articol.

Multumim si nu uitati ca banii merg pentru a salva o viata!

[EN] Charity auction for Catalin Sandu

Sting – The Definitive Box Set Collection
EXTEON offers for auction 2 custom presentation website packages, containing:

  • Customized graphic design
  • Implementation on Web3 CMS:
    • manageable content
    • unlimited text pages on unlimited levels
    • photo gallery
    • contact form/order
    • an integrated blog
  • Free hosting for 1 year
  • Google Adwords cupon 250 RON

The bid prices will be entirely trasferred to the back accounts opened for Catalin Sandu MD.
Suggested auction starting price: 300 EUR
Please bid by posting comments on this page.

Thank you, and do not forget the money will be used to save a man’s life!


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