Ajutaţi un tânăr medic să salveze vieţi!

Licitatie ceas unisex Calvin Klein

[RO] Licitatie caritabila pentru Catalin Sandu

Ceas Calvin Klein cK Impact Unisex #K5222311. Produsul este nou, in cutie.

Licitatia incepe de la 200 euro, are loc pe mai multe platforme de socializare si va fi oferit celui care ofera cel mai mult dupa ce acesta face dovada platii.
Licitati prin comentarii la acest articol.

[EN] Charity auction for Catalin Sandu

Calvin Klein watch, model cK Impact Unisex, #K5222311. The watch is new, in the original packaging.

The bidding starts at 200 EUR, takes place on several platforms, and the item will be offered to the highest bidder. He/she will need to make proof of payment before receiving the item.
Please bid by posting comments on this page.

Thank you, and do not forget the money will be used to save a man’s life!


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